Ask a Health Care Attorney

The Healthcare industry is the most regulated industry in the US. Many federal and state agencies regulate and monitor Healthcare business and enforcement of these regulations may have unwanted consequences to the Healthcare entity or its owners.

To assist you in becoming a supplier of DME, we can guide you through the complicated federal and state licensing and accreditation processes. We can obtain your PTAN number, provide you with training, compliance, and supporting documentation.

However, each healthcare business is unique in their legal requirements and structure, factors that may affect the licensure process or the practice after licensing. To address a possible need for legal counsel, we have established affiliations with independent healthcare regulatory law firms with the skills of providing guidance to our clients as needed to ensure healthcare compliance.

To the benefit of our clients, we have also negotiated a favorable arrangement with our independent legal affiliates, such as a reduced hourly legal consultation rate. Given the complex nature of regulatory issues, especially with the changing legal landscape during the pandemic, our affiliate law firms will make the best effort to resolve your legal issues in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Below are example legal issues that you a healthcare attorney would consult on:

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