Jallos Consulting guides the physician practice through the entire process of becoming a Medicare DME Provider.

To be approved for a Medicare Provider Number, how long does it typically take?

Jallos Consulting guides your practice through the entire process of becoming a Medicare DME Provider.
Successfully providing Durable Medical Equipment (DME) services to your patients for your practice or clinic is not an easy task. It can be costly and time-consuming as the process is difficult to successfully complete in a timely manner. When trying to navigate the process on their own, many physicians fail to meet the proper licensing, compliance, and credentialing requirements – losing valuable time and money.
Once we confirm compliance and licensing, we need only acquire your DME Supplier PTAN (Provider Transaction Access Number).

With our extensive expertise, and knowledge of the DME industry, you can be confident Jallos Consulting will successfully aid you in optimizing this opportunity, with applicable compliance, licensing, credentialing, and training. Call or book an appointment to become a Medicare DME Provider today.

Without Jallos Consulting submitting the Medicare application along with the Medicare requirements and proper set up and training. You may never receive the Medicare approval.
If you do not accurately complete the application and provide the required supporting documentation this process will become very frustrating and time consuming, Hiring Jallos Consulting you will receive your PTAN number between 30-60 days.

There is a continuing misconception about providing DME services to patients – especially due to the complicated wording of the Stark Law and Medicare Supplier Standards. Most physicians are still under the impression that they cannot provide their patients with prescribed products – but that’s simply not true.
As long as the physician becomes a Medicare DME Provider and meets all of the Medicare supplier standards, federal, and state guidelines they can supply the prescribed products to their own patients. Physicians no longer have to outsource prescribed DME. By providing directly to the patient eliminates the delays and frustrations of using a middleman and will overall improve patient care, and keep that added revenue within the practice.

As one of Jallos Consulting Clients. You receive a 30 minute free consultation with a healthcare attorney to assure you are in compliance with Federal and state guidelines.

What is the most challenging aspect of the application process?

The calls we receive are regarding the tedious application, supporting documentation, and training required to receive approval for the Medicare DME Provider Number.
The Medicare application is 27 pages in its entirety. Any errors or missing documentation will delay the application process and cause unneeded time and delays for you Medicare PTAN approval. Jallos Consulting will eliminate these delays and frustrations.

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